Endoscopic Orbital Decompression / Optic Nerve Decompression

Dr. Arthur Wu is a highly skilled endoscopic sinus surgeon and performs both Los Angeles endoscopic orbital decompression as well as endoscopic optic nerve decompression.Patients with Grave’s orbitopathy or exophthalmos (bulging eyes) who fail medical treatment may require surgery to decompress their eyes back into the eye sockets, both for cosmetic reasons but frequently also to save vision. This surgery can be performed both with open surgery by an oculoplastic surgeon or endoscopically through the nose by a Rhinologist – Endoscopic Sinus and Skull Base Surgeon.

In cases of severe exophthalmos, Dr. Arthur Wu will work together with an oculoplastic surgeon to do both types of decompression. In rare cases, patients with Grave’s orbitopathy may have rapid worsening of the inflammation in the orbit, causing decline in their vision.

Los Angeles Endoscopic Orbital Decompression Surgery | Beverly Hills Sinus Center

Los Angeles Endoscopic Orbital DecompressionThe end goal of a Los Angeles endoscopic orbital decompression procedure is to remove some of the bony walls of the eye socket so that there is more room and space for the entire eye decreasing pressure within the eye socket. Los Angeles Endoscopic orbital decompression surgery is an effective means of decompressing the eye without any cuts or incisions to the outside of the face.

The ethmoid sinuses are separated from the eyes by a paper thin sheet of bone called the lamina papyracea (Latin for paper sheet). Careful removal of this wall can allow the orbital contents to spill into the sinuses, decompressing the eye. In patients with Grave’s orbitopathy, this sets the eyes back into their normal place. This technique is called medial orbital decompression and is performed endoscopically without any outer incisions by Dr. Arthur Wu.


Los Angeles Optic Nerve Decompression Surgeon

The optic nerve is the nerve that relays all visual information from the eye to the brain. In severe cases of Grave’s disease or when there is an orbital tumor, the nerve is stretched by the swelling in the eye and can be permanently injured. Decompression of the bony canal surrounding the nerve can alleviate this pressure and save vision.

When this vision loss is not responsive to medical therapies like steroids, such cases are surgical emergencies. Dr. Arthur Wu may perform both a Los Angeles endoscopic orbital decompression combined with an endoscopic optic nerve decompression.

Dr. Arthur Wu | Beverly Hills Sinus Center

The physicians and staff at the Beverly Hills Sinus Center place the highest importance on compassionate care and patient comfort. Our ENT staff prides themselves on being conservative and recognizes that surgery is not always the answer, but as highly trained surgeons, they are not discouraged by the most difficult of problems. The Beverly Hills Sinus Center looks forward to working with you to solve your nasal or sinus related issues.

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