Endoscopic Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Leak Repair

Los Angeles CSF Leak Repair SurgeonCSF leaks may occur spontaneously, after trauma, or as a complication of various surgeries. Patients may need to seek the assistance of a trained Los Angeles CSF Leak Repair Surgeon to correct such abnormalities. Patients with a CSF leak may have abundant clear runny nose. They will also sometimes complain of a salty taste in their mouth from the CSF.

When there is proven CSF nasal drainage, then there is a communication from the intracranial cavity and the nose. As the nose is not a clean environment, this puts the patient at risk for a serious infection called meningitis. Dr. Arthur Wu is a trained Los Angeles CSF Leak Repair Surgeon and can identify these leaks and repair them using minimally invasive techniques through the nose.

Los Angeles CSF Leak Repair Surgeon

At Beverly Hills Sinus Center, quality care is provided in a compassionate manner, while still delivering world-class and state-of-the art Beverly Hills ENT medical care. With cutting edge technologies and the most modern equipment at our disposal, Dr. Arthur Wu ensures that his patients receive the very best in Los Angeles CSF Leak Repair medical services.

Dr. Arthur Wu Beverly Hills Sinus Surgeon

As the head of our Beverly Hills ENT Center, Dr. Wu has a passion for helping patients with nasal and sinus problems. His advanced training has given him the skills to treat the most difficult of sinus cases, and a large volume of his patients are those that have failed medical treatment or had previous unsuccessful sinus surgery.

The physicians and staff at the Beverly Hills Sinus Center place the highest importance on compassionate care and patient comfort. Our ENT staff prides themselves on being conservative and recognizes that surgery is not always the answer, but as highly trained surgeons, they are not discouraged by the most difficult of problems. The Beverly Hills Sinus Center looks forward to working with you to solve your nasal or sinus related issues.

Beverly Hills Sinus Center in Los Angeles, CA

Under the directorship of Dr. Arthur Wu, MD, Professional Beverly Hills ENT, our patients receive a world-class medical experience. Pairing cutting edge techniques with a warm and friendly atmosphere, Beverly Hills Sinus Center is the leader in the greater Los Angeles Area for sinus care.


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