Los Angeles Septoplasty Surgeon

Los Angeles Septoplasty Surgeon
Los Angeles Septoplasty Surgeon | Beverly Hills Sinus

Beverly Hills Sinus Center is the foremost leader in Los Angeles Septoplasty Surgery and can help those that are having breathing complications due to a deviated septum or other obstructions. The nose defines one’s outward appearance, but more importantly, it is one of the most vital parts of the human respiratory system. Just as with any other part of the human body, its function can be become impaired because of a deviated septum or other nasal cavity abnormalities. These difficulties can range from mild to severe and can really hinder leading a healthy lifestyle.

If you are having difficulty breathing through one side of your nose, excessive snoring, or are suffering from allergies, your nose and nasal passage may not be functioning as it should be. Our Los Angeles Septoplasty procedure is designed for those suffering from any of these ailments.

Septoplasty Surgery in Los Angeles

Septoplasty, otherwise known as deviated septum surgery, is the surgical straightening of the nasal septum. Dr. Arthur Wu is an accredited Los Angeles septoplasty surgeon and typically performs all of his septoplasties endoscopically via a minimally invasive approach that is entirely within the nose. There are no outer incisions on the face or nose, and there is no postoperative bruising or swelling of the face.

The deviated portions of the septal cartilage and bone are gently straightened, relieving nasal obstruction and enlarging both sides of the nasal cavity. Dr. Wu usually does not use any form of splints or packing in the nose, so patients may breathe naturally after surgery. Septoplasty does not affect the outer appearance of the nose. Those patients with outer nasal deformities or cosmetic concerns may require a traditional septoplasty, and Dr. Wu may involve his partner Dr. Henry Chen, a highly trained Facial Plastic Surgeon, in these complex cases.

Certified Los Angeles Septoplasty Surgeon

If you have been diagnosed with a deviated septum or your sinus passages are starting to affect your breathing, nasal or sinus surgery may be required to alleviate the symptoms associated with such issues. Dr.Wu is a highly skilled Los Angeles septoplasty surgeon and will fully assess your medical needs to provide you with as much information as possible about your septoplasty surgery. After relaying our professional medical opinion, our patients can then make an informed decision on how they would like to proceed with their Los Angeles deviated septum surgery.

Los Angeles Deviated Septum Surgeon

As the head of our Los Angeles ENT Center, Dr. Wu has a passion for helping patients with nasal and sinus problems. His advanced training at UCLA and Harvard has given him the skills to treat the most difficult of sinus cases, and a large volume of his patients are those that have failed medical treatment or had previous unsuccessful sinus surgery.

ENT Surgeons in Los Angeles

Known as a center of excellence in the greater Los Angeles area and Southern California, The Beverly Hills Sinus Center delivers compassionate care and cutting edge research in the field of nasal and sinus diseases. Dr. Arthur Wu is a board certified Los Angeles ENT surgeon with special fellowship training in the treatment of nasal, sinus, and skull base diseases. He treats a wide range of problems including deviated septum corrective surgery, nasal allergies, chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, nasal obstruction, sinus and skull base tumors, nasolacrimal duct obstruction (tearing), and exophthalmos (protruding eyes).

The physicians and staff at the Beverly Hills Sinus Center place the highest importance on compassionate care and patient comfort. Our Los Angeles ENT staff prides themselves on being conservative and recognizes that surgery is not always the answer, but as highly trained Septoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles, they are not discouraged by the most difficult of problems. The Beverly Hills Sinus Center looks forward to working with you to provide solutions for your deviated nasal septum.

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